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My love of fashion started early...

From the BeginningJessica JohnstonComment

A little story from when my love of fashion was just beginning...

It was a warm Saturday in May of 1984.  I was in kindergarten and my friend Sara was having a birthday party. I knew what I wanted to wear and had been planning it in my mind for days. I went to my closet and pulled out my teal pleated skirt that hit just above the knee and a white cotton shirt. The shirt had teal, orange, pink, and red pin stripes running horizontal on it. My favorite part was the sleeves- princess (puff) sleeves. It was beautiful and I couldn't wait to put it on.

After pulling that together, I went to find my socks. I planned on wearing white fold over socks with my white slip on dress shoes. I looked where my socks normally were and all I saw were black ones, obviously not appropriate for a spring outfit. I went to the information source for any six year old... mom.

"Mom where are my white socks?"

"I don't know? Maybe they are all in the laundry? Just wear black socks" I was told by my mom while I slowly started to go into meltdown mode.

"I can't wear black socks! They don't go with my outfit!" I cried as tears streamed down my face.

Just then a car pulled up, which meant my ride for the party was there. I ran upstairs and pulled on my black socks while still crying. I walked out to the car like it was a walk of shame. I just knew everyone would be looking at my socks...

Looking back now, I'm pretty sure no one noticed and if they did, I'm certain they don't still think about the sock scandal of '84.


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