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How to own a Dear Yesterdays Dress

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So you see a Dear Yesterdays dress on social media that you have to have. You go to the website to check it out, but wait... ? There are only pot holders, bags, and three dresses. Where are all the dresses?

Currently Dear Yesterdays dresses are custom made. You may wonder what that entails and how you would go about such a thing. This post gives you an overview of the process and how it all works.

I'm going to walk you through a real life customer interaction from last week, so you can see all the steps.

  1. Contact me- Send me a message on the website, facebook, instagram, email, or carrier pigeon. Or if you see me in person come introduce yourself. I always have time to talk dresses!

For this specific scenario the customer and I were acquainted and at a mutual event. She said how much she liked the Rainbow Heart dress with the heart shaped pockets. She had seen that specific dress at another function. Unfortunately it wasn't in her size, but she loved the idea of the heart shaped pockets. She asked if I could show her other fabric choices. The next day I emailed her nine different choices.




I didn't know at the time that I was going to be using these photos in a blog entry for the world to see. If I had, I would have made my hand look less stubby and more glamorous!

I also explained the fiber content of each and whether it was new or vintage.

Once she viewed the choices she said she loved them all and asked if I had one I would rather work with. I had three different designs in my head, so I drew them and sent them to her.

Fashion illustration is certainly not my strong point, so no judgements on these next photos.


...yes I am aware that there are 8 year olds who have infinitely better drawing ability. I've watched their fashion illustration tutorials. haha

#1 is a blue cotton dress with the garden fabric (inset) as the pockets and collar.

#2 is a yellow sea holly fabric (inset) with teal pockets and collar

#3 Is the vintage royal blue floral (inset) with red pockets and collar

Once she had reviewed the drawings she asked if she could have the pockets and collar of number 1 on the yellow sea holly of number 2.

It’s your dress and you do whatever makes you feel happy and beautiful!

I then made a custom post on the website and sent her a link.

I don't start making custom orders until I have measurements and the dress has been paid for.

Once I have finished this order I will update this post with pictures!


Some questions you may have-

1. How long does it take to get my custom dress?

          It varies depending on the amount of orders I have at the time and if I have the fabric on hand. I will give you a specific time table before you pay.

2. What if I don't know my measurements?

          If you don't know your measurements I will send you a guide on what information I need and how to do it.

3. Do I have to choose from the fabrics you have available?

          No. If you have a favorite color, pattern, or theme I will scour my sources (online and in stores) to see what I can find. I will then send you pictures.

4. How do I know what style of dresses are available?

          You can find a collection of styles on our Instagram or Facebook business page. You can also send me a picture (or several) of a dress style you like.

5. How much is a dress?

          That will depend on fabric type, style, and a few other things. Estimates are free, so shoot me a message.

If you have other questions, please leave them in the comment section. I want to be as thorough as possible.